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Get Ready For Biflation And The Era of Wrestling With China For Oil

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Volcker “Not Worried About Deflation” — Or Inflation | Maybe we’re in for a “biflation” of rising global commodity prices and falling domestic prices. US Loses Another 12,000 Jobs | Initial jobless claims for the week ending Sept. 18 rose to 465,000. GOP Issues “Pledge […]

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Schiff: A New World War Won’t Help The Economy

We considered here back on July 2 some ways that this worsening recession could turn into a major war. If you’re going to read that article for background, be sure to read the many thoughtful comments as well. One of my readers, Ron, sent along an article by Peter Schiff on the same subject but […]

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How Does This Economic Slide Turn Into A Major War?

I’ve been researching for some time the ways that this worsening economic situation can become a major war. I don’t mean a non-congressionally-declared police action war, the type we’ve grown used to after decades of political sideshows like Afghanistan and Iraq, but a real geopolitical game changer like World War II. A depression preceded WWII, […]

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What Your Taxes Buy

My new book due out next month shows how most Americans find their lifetime income divided into thirds that break down like this: 1/3 to taxes spent mostly in ways that do not benefit them, such as bank bailouts and bombs 1/3 spent on everything your taxes should provide, but don’t 1/3 left over, which […]

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