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Attention Yahoo Mail Users

Are you missing Kelly Letter notes in your Yahoo Mail account? If so, you’re not alone. Starting sometime last summer, Yahoo Mail revamped its system and it won’t reveal what changed. The bulk mail service for The Kelly Letter, Aweber, researched the bounced email issue on my behalf as I opened a series of support […]

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Suggestions For Timid Investors

What dark clouds gather over the pile of debt stacked by decades of mismanagement by the American populace and its sold-out leaders. I sit here in my office surrounded by dire investment reports calling for the end of the financial system, warnings of a “cliff’s edge” dead ahead, a prediction of the US entering its […]

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How Does This Economic Slide Turn Into A Major War?

I’ve been researching for some time the ways that this worsening economic situation can become a major war. I don’t mean a non-congressionally-declared police action war, the type we’ve grown used to after decades of political sideshows like Afghanistan and Iraq, but a real geopolitical game changer like World War II. A depression preceded WWII, […]

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Don’t Boycott the Frog!

A friend of Red Frog Coffee, the shop that I co-own with my sister, Emily, in Longmont, Colorado, found the following on Craigslist: Red frog coffee boycot [sic] Jason Kelly a well known stock scam promoter is involved with the Red Frog Coffee shop. He mislead thousands of investors for his own benefit. PLEASE BOYCOT […]

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New Design Coming Soon!

Please pardon the lack of articles recently. Rest assured, I’m alive and well, and my books and The Kelly Letter continue as usual. I’m more than well, actually, as a screen shot from Amazon’s bestselling stock books demonstrates: No stock book should ever outsell The Intelligent Investor, so coming in second to that is fine. It’s […]

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