Attention Yahoo Mail Users

Are you missing Kelly Letter notes in your Yahoo Mail account? If so, you’re not alone.

Starting sometime last summer, Yahoo Mail revamped its system and it won’t reveal what changed. The bulk mail service for The Kelly Letter, Aweber, researched the bounced email issue on my behalf as I opened a series of support tickets with Yahoo Mail and looked into it that way. What we’ve concluded is that Yahoo sometimes blocks lengthy emails, regardless of the sender. Your paid subscription to The Kelly Letter includes lengthy text emails, often more than 5,000 words in length, so there’s a high chance that some of them will be blocked by Yahoo. Even worse, they don’t go into spam or another type of holding folder. They just never show up.

This is crummy customer service on Yahoo’s part, and if I used Yahoo Mail I would certainly complain that its policy against lengthy messages is hindering my ability to receive the email I want to receive.

You can always check this subscriber site for notes, as everything is posted here. I send the new monthly password ahead of the change each month and it gets through even at Yahoo because it’s a short message. Still, you’re paying to receive the subscription notes via email and it would be good if you could do so.

I suggest switching your subscription email address from Yahoo Mail to another account. You can do so by emailing me directly and we’ll update it for you, or by clicking the “To unsubscribe or change subscriber options” link at the bottom of any numbered Kelly Letter note that you have and changing your details directly in our database yourself.

I apologize for this hassle and wish there was something I could do. There doesn’t seem to be, though, so I’m getting the word out to existing subscribers and posting a warning on the sign-up page for new subscribers. Maybe somebody at Yahoo will notice this happening around the internet and fix the problem. GMail, Hotmail, and other email accounts are able to handle long notes. Maybe, just maybe, this kind of issue is why Google dominates online.

It’s a pleasure having you as a subscriber. I hope you’re getting everything you hoped to get from your subscription — not least of which, the notes I send!

Yours very truly,
Jason Kelly

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