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The Kelly Letter Podcast
Bestselling author Jason Kelly analyzes the stock market through his quarterly price reaction system. Learn about The 3% Signal and its leveraged cousins, The 6% Signal and The 9% Signal. See that forecasting is a fool’s game. Better to react with precision to what has already happened. Topics include: stocks, bonds, ETFs, the Fed, interest rates, yields, and retirement.
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Is the FedEx Warning Bad News or Good?

Is the FedEx Warning Bad News or Good? | There’s more to it than advertised. Sure the shipping giant’s revenues are down, but is it really because of a recession or about people shopping online less after the pandemic? Even if it is due to an economic slowdown, isn’t that what the Fed wants? […]

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How High Will Interest Rates Go?

How High Will Interest Rates Go? | About as high as investors thought last spring. Emotions are running hot, bouncing from expecting the Fed to get more aggressive to expecting them to slow down, but projections haven’t changed. ——— Links to Resources Mentioned “Consumer Price Index – August 2022,” Bureau of Labor Statistics, September […]

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The Future of Streaming

It’s beginning to look a lot like cable. 85% of US households have at least one video streaming subscription. Many subscribe to five or more. The fastest growing segment of streaming is ad-supported, and Netflix and Disney are both about to start running ads as well. The total price of a household’s streaming subscriptions, the […]

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A Peek at The Apple Car

Apple’s electric vehicle project is codenamed “Titan.” It began in 2014. The company has devoted more than 5,000 employees to it over the past five years or so, most of whom work at a secret location not far from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The car will be a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle, at the […]

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The Metaverse is Growing 47% a Year

Will the metaverse be worth $427B in five years? On Monday, Markets and Markets Research released a report saying that it expects the metaverse market to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 47% for the next five years, taking its market size from $62B now to $427B in 2027. That’s on a par with […]

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