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The Kelly Letter Podcast
Bestselling author Jason Kelly analyzes the stock market through his quarterly price reaction system. Learn about The 3% Signal and its leveraged cousins, The 6% Signal and The 9% Signal. See that forecasting is a fool’s game. Better to react with precision to what has already happened. Topics include: stocks, bonds, ETFs, the Fed, interest rates, yields, and retirement.
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The Apple Car is Downgraded

The Apple Car is Downgraded | I lauded the Apple car back in Episode 9 on August 31. Well, it’s been downgraded and delayed. No more limousine style, with passengers facing each other in the seating area. It’s going to feature a traditional, i.e. boring, design with a driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals, and […]

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China Riots

China Riots | Two years into the pandemic, China was losing its “zero Covid” goal. Did the communists in charge learn anything? Nope. They refuse to acknowledge that Covid is now endemic, part of the fabric of life, constantly mutating and immune from containment measures. Xi Jinping’s legitimacy is in doubt as his country […]

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Real Earnings Yield

Real Earnings Yield | The problem with high inflation, for investors, is that it reduces earnings yield. In this episode, I show how. Have a happy Thanksgiving! ——— If you’re not a Kelly Letter subscriber, why not? I’d like to welcome you! Please subscribe here.

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Economic Issues of 2023

Economic Issues of 2023 | It’s good to be back! I missed you over the past five weeks, and appreciate the many emails I received saying you missed me. The economic issues of 2023 are coming into focus. They include a US recession, sovereign debt risk, housing markets, China’s slowdown, and Europe’s gas risk. […]

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The Summer Recovery is Repeating

The Summer Recovery is Repeating | And for the same reason: Investors think inflation is heading lower. The Reserve Bank of Australia raised its key rate less than expected, and yields and the dollar cooled off at the beginning of this week. That kicked off October with the biggest two-day rise in the S&P […]

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