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More Subscriber Questions About the Current Stock Market

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More Subscriber Questions About the Current Stock Market | RSS.com NEIL from Central Illinois asks how much recovery we need to regain our 9Sig plan’s year-end 2021 balance. He wonders if a full recovery of the Nasdaq 100 to its long-term trajectory is a reasonable possibility. NICK from Denver wants to know if it makes […]

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The Doomed Dollar at the QE2 Crossroads

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Did Geithner Doom The Dollar? | He said the same thing other countries said before devaluing their currencies. The QE2 Crossroads | The US is either a kleptocracy or a law-abiding republic with an imploded bank sector. November Stock-Drop Worries | With QE2 and elections […]

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