More Subscriber Questions About the Current Stock Market

NEIL from Central Illinois asks how much recovery we need to regain our 9Sig plan’s year-end 2021 balance. He wonders if a full recovery of the Nasdaq 100 to its long-term trajectory is a reasonable possibility.

NICK from Denver wants to know if it makes sense to move his Income Sig plan’s AGG balance into TQQQ at today’s depressed price. He’s also grateful for this plan that will enable him to retire early. Great!

DOUG from New Westminster, British Columbia is trying to decide between the money market and bond market for his uninvested money.

MICHELE from Cape Cod, Massachusetts has a brother who is worried that the dollar will crash on high federal debt and take down Wall Street and the US economy with it. Is this time different for this recurring macro concern?

KENT from Old Lyme, Connecticut reminds everybody that the key is controlling emotions and going with historical averages—hear, hear!

Sources Mentioned:

US Department of the Treasury. Fiscal Service, Federal Debt: Total Public Debt [GFDEBTN], retrieved from FRED, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

The US Dollar as the World’s Dominant Reserve Currency, 15 Sep 2022, Congressional Research Service, PDF

China’s debt ratio hits record high at 3 times GDP, 7 Dec 2022, Nikkei Asia, article


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  1. Phil
    Posted January 20, 2023 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    Hi Jason
    If you did put this on Youtube (like you did before) you would get subscribers, stats, comments and maybe a bit of money.
    And you can put a thumbnail – no video.

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