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The Kelly Letter

Most people interested in the financial markets eventually find themselves looking for a smarter community of investors, premium analysis, focused follow-through. If this is you, welcome. Put the principles of Jason’s bestselling book, The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing, to work with your capital by reading The Kelly Letter every Sunday morning.

Hear what subscribers have to say:

Really a superb explanation helping us to better understand why this whole money supply thing is important.
Dabney Finch
Congrats on your great weekly newsletter. I really enjoy reading it every Sunday. I especially like your out-of-the-box thinking.

Charles Michaels, President,
Sierra Global Management, LLC

I don’t recommend many investing services or commentaries, but yours is one I wholeheartedly endorse.
Richard Forno, Ph.D.
There is SO MUCH great content, you should almost charge more! I really
enjoy it.

Brayden Sutton
I love to read your emails on Sunday morning with my coffee. I am making a habit out of reading your weekly updates.
Zachary Hughes
You are among my favorite economic writers…moral
and intellectual integrity.

Anthony Warner

In-Depth Letter

Every Sunday morning letter provides a complete review of Jason’s three-tier portfolio structure as presented in his modern classic, The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing.

Each issue begins with an overview of vital points called The Chase, then casts a gimlet eye on market events of the week, summarizes economic reports and what affected the price of oil, tracks progress on Jason’s Watch List of ideas that sometimes take months to reach price targets, analyzes macro trends such as crushing national debt, adjusts previous assumptions to account for fresh data, and closes with a personal thought in the End Note.

Tier System

The letter’s three-tier portfolio system balances investing approaches that are proven to work: a steady formula on an index, a plan to benefit from leverage’s upside while limiting its downside with charts and stops, and patient value investing among individual stocks and ETFs.

Tier 1 delivers 3 percent quarterly growth rain or shine by value averaging small-cap stocks, Tier 2 beats the market over time by leveraging and timing the “sweet spot” midcap index, and Tier 3 trades individual stocks and ETFs. Dividing your assets across this structure prevents too much of your capital from languishing due to methodological or human error (Jason’s).

Extended Watch List

Some subscribers crave ideas beyond the primary ones Jason is watching. Enter the extended Watch List of stocks, ETFs, and hedges with specific price targets. The primary ideas are included as well to provide subscribers with a one-stop shopping list that is regularly updated with fresh price targets, and includes links to Jason’s writing about the ideas.

On The Desk

Beyond the flagship letter itself, Jason shares midweek highlights from his ongoing research in this site section. Despite the impression created by the media’s cacophonous storm of all-breaking-news-all-the-time, there are actually few items that really matter each week. Here you’ll find a rundown of those few as they develop and see how they’re connected to the letter’s current plans — in advance of the letter’s Sunday morning analysis.

Discussion Forums

You are who you know. Joining The Kelly Letter introduces you to smart investors who’ve learned to view the world through a lens of reason and deliberate thought. They’re not your average slack-jaws just getting by. Gather together with them to discuss various parts of the letter, original investment ideas, political trends, and other meaningful subjects in forums moderated and improved by Jason.

Subscriber Podcast

Get your market intelligence on the go. Jason reads every letter word for word in a Sunday morning broadcast between 30 and 40 minutes long, delivered to your device as the letter arrives by email and is posted on the site. The premium podcast is accessible by subscribers only using the same password as the subscriber site. Jason also broadcasts occasional midweek commentary.

All episodes get straight to the point, no lengthy bumper music or ads. You won’t waste a minute listening to this.

I like to listen via iTunes, because then I hear the emphasis where Jason intended it to be. The Letter, a good cup of coffee, and the dogs lying at my feet — a perfect Sunday morning!
Susan Pulling Robinson

Complete Archive

All subscribers receive access to the treasury of past issues, special reports, research notes, midweek updates, and trade confirmations that make The Kelly Letter hum. It’s a research center, searchable and smartly tagged to make gathering time-stamped material on covered subjects easy.

Want to see what Jason’s written about Apple? Click the AAPL tag. Sovereign debt? Click its tag. Results appear from new to old with helpful summaries.

Plain Text Emails Readable On The Go

No matter where life takes you, the letter can tag along. It’s as mobile as you want it to be. Every Sunday issue is plain text only, all in the body of the email, no attachments and no images. You can read it wherever in the world you find yourself.

Later, at a larger screen, you can log into the subscriber site to utilize the resources outlined above, but you won’t need to do so to stay current. The letters sent straight to your device will see to that.

Here are some current subscribers reading the letter on their various devices:

Here’s me and a future little investor with our Sunday morning ritual. Enjoy reading the letter and saving the book for him when he’s a bit older!
Brian Stokes

The Kelly Letter has been a great resource and something that I enjoy reading every Sunday. Jason, thanks for providing so much value at a very little cost.
Sharjeel Aziz

Reading The Kelly Letter on my laptop, out on our porch with our garden in the background.
Luann Rottmann

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