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Economic Issues of 2023

Economic Issues of 2023 | It’s good to be back! I missed you over the past five weeks, and appreciate the many emails I received saying you missed me. The economic issues of 2023 are coming into focus. They include a US recession, sovereign debt risk, housing markets, China’s slowdown, and Europe’s gas risk. […]

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Interview With an American Who Evacuated Kyiv

  Neil and Carol Frerichs have been Kelly Letter subscribers since 2008. When Russia invaded Ukraine, I learned that their son, Kurt, was in Kyiv at the time and then evacuated to Poland. To get Kurt’s perspective, I spoke with him on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. This is our conversation. (0:40) Things are fine in […]

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Stick With Our Plans In The Stock Market Crash

In this video, I answer recently emailed subscriber questions about the war in Ukraine, its impact on the stock market, and managing our plans. In the show notes below the video on YouTube, you can click the times to jump straight to a section: (0:21) What would a third world war do to the stock […]

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Seasoned Investors on Managing Stress

My call for questions yielded an enormous response. I’m working through them for a video to be published Friday. Please look forward to that. Meantime, I have other material to boost your spirits. I asked some of The Kelly Letter’s longtime subscribers for their thoughts on managing stress, both of the stock-market variety and the war […]

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2,300 words on Ukraine

THE CHASE Yes, Putin is capable of causing boundless suffering. Just ask Grozny. He used vague language to say Russia’s nuclear arsenal is ready, probably to distract from his lack of success in Ukraine. Missile defense is good these days, probably even better than publicly known. Vlad’s looking nutty. He accused the Jewish president of […]

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