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Interview With an American Who Evacuated Kyiv

  Neil and Carol Frerichs have been Kelly Letter subscribers since 2008. When Russia invaded Ukraine, I learned that their son, Kurt, was in Kyiv at the time and then evacuated to Poland. To get Kurt’s perspective, I spoke with him on Wednesday, March 16, 2022. This is our conversation. (0:40) Things are fine in […]

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Stick With Our Plans In The Stock Market Crash

In this video, I answer recently emailed subscriber questions about the war in Ukraine, its impact on the stock market, and managing our plans. In the show notes below the video on YouTube, you can click the times to jump straight to a section: (0:21) What would a third world war do to the stock […]

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How to Sync Your Portfolio With the Sig System

The Allocator tool on The Kelly Letter’s subscriber site makes it easy to sync your plans with the letter’s, then just follow along with its quarterly signals. This video shows how. Kelly Letter subscriptions include access to the Allocator. Use it to generate your own syncing orders. No guesswork or pundit opinions required. Want more […]

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Q2 2020 3Sig Calculator Demonstration

This video demonstrates how to use the calculator on The Kelly Letter subscriber site, with real data for the 3% Signal plan from Note 26 sent June 28, 2020. Kelly Letter subscriptions include access to the signal calculator. Use it to generate your own quarterly Sig system signals using price change only. No guesswork or […]

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Do Not Sell Stocks Because of Riots

Transcript: America is burning. That’s what every media outlet will tell you. And investors are asking me, should I sell my stocks? Hi, I’m Jason Kelly with The Kelly Letter. And I’m here today to tell you right up front, absolutely not. 0:16 The riots that are taking place across America started about a week […]

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