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My Weimar Reference

My reference to Weimar in last Sunday’s Kelly Letter confused a number of readers. Allow me to clear it up. I wrote: “…a contingent of economists staking careers on inflation warnings willfully ignored, and ignore, assurances from the Federal Reserve and other central banks that it is transitory. It makes perfect sense why early data […]

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Small Caps Dominate Post-Vaccine Market

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made their first joint appearance before Congress yesterday, delivering remarks to the House Committee on Financial Services. Questioned yet again about inflation, Powell said: “We’ve been living in a world of strong disinflationary pressures for the past quarter century. We don’t think a one-time surge […]

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Inflation, Injustice, and the American Economy

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Inflation | It’s showing up everywhere but has been bullish for stocks. Injustice | None of the crooks behind the financial crisis are in jail — maybe because they changed the laws before misbehaving. US Economy | Japan thinks America is recovering less strongly than […]

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Does Egypt Matter to Investors?

Good morning! Let’s look at Egypt: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Oil Prices | Oil gets expensive when there’s trouble in the Middle East, but Egypt is a minor player. Global Inflation | Egypt’s uprising provides evidence that the sinking dollar is creating inflation that hurts emerging economies. Food Prices | Emerging economies are especially prone to social […]

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“Something Enormous” in China

I’m concerned that inflation is taking hold in China and will accelerate into hyperinflation that sends China’s economy over the edge. The following appeared in the Want China Times last week: “China continued to be the largest money-supplying country in 2010 as its M2, a broad measure of money supply, was up 19.46 percent at […]

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