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Powell Agrees: This is Temporary

Guess who agrees with yours truly that economic damage in reports and forecasts is only temporary? None other than Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. He said yesterday on the Today show: “This is a unique situation. People need to understand, this is not a typical downturn. What’s happening here is people are being asked to […]

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“QE4, put in a floor!”

It looks like we’re in for another volatile week. Last night the Federal Reserve held an emergency session in lieu of its meeting scheduled for later this week.  It was part of a coordinated action with other central banks. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell announced several steps to support the economy as it weathers “disruptions caused […]

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On the Desk 8/21/13

OVERVIEW Market Valuation | The Shiller P/E has flashed red for months. Now Jim Swanson at MFS is worried about trailing P/E, too. Rising Rates | Yields are bouncing around two-year highs. There may be more to it than just a taper tantrum. Summers or Yellen? | The frontrunners to head the Fed sport very […]

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Quantitative Easing Explained

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More QE2 Doubts

The hits just keep coming. It seems that Ben Bernanke and the 10 other members of the FOMC who voted for it are the only people on Earth who think QE2 is a good idea. David Einhorn at Greenlight Capital called it “perverse” and inflationary in his latest investment letter to clients, and holds a […]

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