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On the Desk 8/21/13

OVERVIEW Market Valuation | The Shiller P/E has flashed red for months. Now Jim Swanson at MFS is worried about trailing P/E, too. Rising Rates | Yields are bouncing around two-year highs. There may be more to it than just a taper tantrum. Summers or Yellen? | The frontrunners to head the Fed sport very […]

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This year’s Finviz ranking charts through last Friday, click to enlarge:

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Hussman: Stocks Are Not Cheap Based On Forward Operating Earnings

One of the great dangers of bank stimulus that makes its way into securities markets is that it distorts the apparent health of the economy. The high-level, crony-replete financial system with its ties to government is far removed from economic factors that affect typical citizens in the US economy. It’s well understood by now that […]

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