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My Book on iPad

Thanks to reader Dave for sending the screen shot below from his new iPad. Last week, I received a description of what it was like to read one of my books on the iPad. Now, I have a shot. Soon, I’ll be in the US and will wander into an Apple store to try the […]

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The iBook Experience

I don’t have an iPad yet, but thanks to reader Paul’s report below, I know what my books look like on it. He sent the following to me in a note yesterday: [The 2010 edition of your stock book] looks just like your paperback books, but with a few extras. In the iBookstore you can get […]

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Are Company Stock Buybacks Good News?

We’re seeing a greater number of companies buying back their own shares than we have in a while. Prior to the financial meltdown, company buybacks were the biggest net purchasers of stock shares. During the crisis that began in 2008, companies pared back to conserve cash. Now, they’re in buying mode again. Two weeks ago, […]

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2010 Edition on Kindle, iPad, and Paper

It’s an iPad Easter weekend, and I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’re an e-book lover, you’ll be pleased to know that the 2010 edition of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing is available on both the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad. If you’re an ink-and-paper type, you’ll take comfort in knowing that […]

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Value Averaging Plan Sells Profit

Yesterday, The Kelly Letter’s limit order to sell part of its small cap stock ETF filled at precisely the price we specified. This was part of our Tier 1 plan, which is a value averaging strategy that sells performance in excess of a 3% quarterly growth target. Because the ETF gained more than 3% last […]

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