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Mortgage Fraud Still Rising

You’ve probably read ad nauseam of the great opportunities in the real estate market these days. What with interest rates so low and prices low, too, how could anybody go wrong? Fine, but try taking advantage of it. I’m buying property in the Rocky Mountains and it’s several times harder than when I’ve bought property […]

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Stratfor on Sub-Prime

I wrote yesterday that the sub-prime mess doesn’t worry me because it doesn’t affect a large enough portion of the economy to bring on disaster. Stratfor Founder and Chief Executive Officer George Friedman agrees. From his August 13 Geopolitical Intelligence Report: Stratfor views the world through the prism of geopolitics. Not all events have geopolitical […]

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Why I’m Not Worried About Sub-Prime

Back in May, I ran a series of articles in The Kelly Letter in which I examined the state of real estate in Colorado and California. I spent more than a month driving around, talking to realtors, comparing the word on the street to bold headlines, and sending along my findings to subscribers. From my […]

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The State of Real Estate

In May, I reported that I saw no signs of a crashing real estate market in either Colorado’s front range or Southern California. It was taking a bit longer to sell homes than it did a couple of years ago, but prices were nowhere near what I’d call “bargain basement,” and not even cheap in […]

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Southern California Real Estate

In The Kelly Letter, I focus almost exclusively on stock market investing. Recently, however, I’ve supplied subscribers with a five-part series on investing in property as a way to diversify outside of the stock market. The following, Part Three, was sent to subscribers on May 19: I spent this week in southern California. I’m writing […]

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