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Do You Depend On Timing?

Everywhere we turn in life, we hear that timing is everything. I disagree, and submit that if you depend on timing to go right, you’re giving away too much control in your life. In the market, particularly, if the success or failure of your portfolio depends entirely on whether you can pick bottoms and tops, […]

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What Might Get The Market Moving Higher Again

I’m optimistic for a rise in the market. I wrote last summer that oil would rise higher before falling lower for a while, then continuing another leg higher. That forecast is unfolding. Lower oil prices are probably not far away. There’s no economic reason for oil prices to be this high. Peak oil theorists aside, […]

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The Bad News

Greg writes: Don’t you think people are too optimistic for a year-end rally to make it actually happen? You know what they say: when everybody’s in agreement, everybody’s wrong. I’m not sure what optimism Greg’s referring to in his note. I find an abundance of negativity around me. John McClure at ProfitScore just emailed me […]

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The Kelly Letter is Buying

We’re buying into one of the bargains created by yesterday’s sell-off around sub-prime. The Kelly Letter watches and waits for sometimes months before a stock reaches its target price. Yesterday, we went well below our target price and are jumping on the chance. Do not be afraid of this market. The experts called for an […]

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Back On Track

My continued bullish stance last weekend following a drop in the market was correct. Last week, despite weak home sales data and high oil prices, stocks rose dramatically: Dow ……………. 13,807 +2.1%Nasdaq …………. 2,804 +2.9%Nasdaq 100 ……… 2,195 +3.0%S&P; 500 ………… 1,535 +2.3%S&P; Midcap 400 ….. 895 +1.9%S&P; Smallcap 600 … 428 +3.0% People are […]

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