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The Participant 8/12/15: China’s Devaluation

THE PARTICIPANT by Jason Kelly Wednesday, August 12, 2015 ___________________________________ A CURRENCY SIGNAL FROM CHINA China’s currency devaluation is being presented as a critically important story, even more important than if and when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. Yet, the yuan was devalued by only 2%. Those most concerned about this say deflation […]

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The Sad Reason Keystone XL Doesn’t Matter

The following is from this year’s Note 5 of The Kelly Letter, which went out to subscribers last Sunday morning. The State Department on Friday released a final environmental study of the Keystone XL pipeline that increased the odds of the Obama administration approving it, providing pro-environment former Obama backers with yet another reason to […]

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Why We’re Short Oil

My decision to short oil, announced to subscribers in last Sunday’s Kelly Letter, sparked controversy. The letter has maintained an interest in bargain-priced oil companies for years, so to short the price of the commodity appears to some to be a contradiction. It’s not. Oil majors are proven good investments through various oil-price environments. Oil […]

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How Much Oil Is Leaking In The Gulf Of Mexico Spill?

I wrote in The Kelly Letter yesterday: The initial US Coast Guard estimate that the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico is gushing 5,000 barrels of oil into the sea per day may be conservative. New analysis of video footage of the leak by scientists and environmental groups found that the rate is […]

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A Tale of Old Growth Timber and Oil

In response to yesterday’s article on why I oppose offshore drilling, Jonathan sent the following: Let me tell you a little tale. I went to grades 6-12 in a small Washington state lumber town. It was a company town whose sole economy consisted of the lumber mill and the logging operations that supported it. The […]

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