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Why I Still Oppose Offshore Drilling

My Aug. 5 article about offshore drilling elicited thoughtful replies from readers, as is usual around here. This site doesn’t attract much of the ruck crushed around popular message boards, for which I’m grateful. Rob found in Newt Gingrich’s Winning The Future newsletter “a study by two economists that argues that drilling in ANWR would […]

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Offshore Drilling Inanity

Brianna writes: I enjoy your wry looks at politics. What’s the nuttiest thing you’ve heard in the presidential campaign so far? That the solution to high oil prices is offshore drilling. This is inane in several ways: The reason we’re damaged by high oil prices is that we’re dependent on oil. We need to get […]

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Alternative Energy

Jesse writes: It is my thought that if the Democratic party takes office, it may be of some value to hold alternative energy stocks, both in the short and long terms. There could be a short-term spike due to a renewed government investment in R&D; in these areas. A Democratic administration would not necessarily be […]

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Oil Follow-Up

In the The Case For Oil posted on January 20, I wrote: Energy is not a fickle industry. It’s one of the best developed and best managed on the planet. It’s not going away. Your money invested in energy is safe. Do not sell because of currently low oil prices. They will eventually rise again. […]

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The Case For Oil

The price of oil is down 16% this year. West Texas Intermediate spot prices closed the week $1 lower than last at $51.99 per barrel. I received a lot of email from subscribers who invested heavily in oil-related stocks. They’re wondering if they blew it and should sell now to limit losses. No. One way […]

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