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Why Health Care Is So Expensive

On July 20, I wrote about the U.S. health care system that “…there’s something cold and wrong with ‘good luck, this is America, you’re on your own’ to pay $500 for a bottle of medicine that’s sold for $5 elsewhere. What’s un-American is a caste system that offers health care to some, but not others; […]

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Apple, Health Care, and Starbucks

It’s been a week since I spent much time discussing the iPhone and Apple, but the comments keep rolling in. Here’s subscriber Rory Sprouse on why the iPhone might have a chance in corporate America: I graduated college back in 2000 and went to work for a software company, one of the products that I […]

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Thoughts On U.S. Health Care

My Monday comments on Michael Moore’s new film, SiCKO, and the $2 million tab that my mother’s horseback riding accident cost our family last fall elicited excellent material from readers. Robert J. Manna in Rome, Georgia: I’m a chiropractor and I know the health care system in the U.S. needs help. In fact, it’s not […]

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Google, SiCKO, and Japan’s Free Trains

Last month, eBay pulled its ads from Google for one week when Google threw a Google Checkout party at the same time eBay held its eBay Live conference. It seemed that Google was trying to siphon off some of the attention being focused on PayPal, eBay’s online payment service. eBay later said that during the […]

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