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The Apple Car is Downgraded

2022-12-07 Podcast Episode Thumbnail

The Apple Car is Downgraded | RSS.com I lauded the Apple car back in Episode 9 on August 31. Well, it’s been downgraded and delayed. No more limousine style, with passengers facing each other in the seating area. It’s going to feature a traditional, i.e. boring, design with a driver’s seat, steering wheel, pedals, and […]

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A Peek at The Apple Car

Apple’s electric vehicle project is codenamed “Titan.” It began in 2014. The company has devoted more than 5,000 employees to it over the past five years or so, most of whom work at a secret location not far from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The car will be a fully autonomous self-driving vehicle, at the […]

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Where Are All The Apple Watches?

Yesterday, Apple (AAPL $110) announced the first round of updates to its Apple Watch, one year to the day after first announcing the product. On the fashion side, updates include new accessories, two new metal colors, and a partnership with French luxury brand Hermes. On the technical side, the update introduces WatchOS2, the first update […]

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Debt D-Day, Economy, and iPad 2

Good morning! ______________________________ OVERVIEW Is June 30 America’s Debt D-Day? | Pimco’s Bill Gross thinks so because it’s when the Fed stops buying Treasuries and we see if anybody else steps forward. The Economy Keeps Improving | The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book reported that economic activity continued expanding in early 2011. Apple Extends Its Lead […]

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Apple and Facebook

Good morning! Here are two tech topics for Tuesday, also available in audio: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Is Apple In Trouble? | Steve Jobs is taking medical leave just as the company’s competition heats up. What’s Facebook Worth? | The movie is winning awards and Goldman invested $450M, but Facebook generates little revenue per visitor. ______________________________ BRIEFING […]

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