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Microsoft’s Slide Isn’t Surprising

It was quite a news item last week when Apple swiped from Microsoft’s head the crown for most valuable technology company. Supporters of Microsoft objected. Supporters of Apple rejoiced. Why was anybody surprised, though? The Bill Gates era of dominating the computer business by taking advantage of a situation that required people to use the […]

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Unshort Apple

A few weeks ago, I spent time looking at Apple following the release of the new iPhone. I wrote that I thought expectations around the phone were too high, that it would disappoint, and that we might have a chance to short AAPL stock ahead of such disappointment. I made it clear that I was […]

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Apple, Health Care, and Starbucks

It’s been a week since I spent much time discussing the iPhone and Apple, but the comments keep rolling in. Here’s subscriber Rory Sprouse on why the iPhone might have a chance in corporate America: I graduated college back in 2000 and went to work for a software company, one of the products that I […]

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AAPL Momentum and the Mac OS

Dave Van Knapp sent in a follow-up to his thoughts on Apple posted last Monday: As you read the many interesting comments people have made about AAPL, you realize they are all projections and conjecture about what might happen, some of them contradictory to others. The only thing we know for sure is that the […]

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Apple Is Not AAPL

The recent iPhone discussion here has made it clear that it’s possible to love Apple the company and have doubts about AAPL the stock’s current valuation. I put myself in that camp, as I adore Apple’s products and look forward to switching my office from PCs to Macs on my next upgrade cycle now that […]

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