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Ad Challenges Facing Facebook

Facebook is seen as a threat to Google’s advertising business, but a closer look at the differences between the two models shows Facebook to suffer some big disadvantages. 18-Minute Podcast Episode Receive this and future episodes in iTunes or another player with this feed URL: http://jasonkelly.com/rss In iTunes, go to the “Advanced” menu, select “Subscribe […]

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Google Is Not Over

The Kelly Letter bought shares of Google (GOOG) in the midst of the subprime financial crisis at an average cost basis of $407. They rose to a high this year of $630 on January 4, fell to a low of $434 on July 6, and closed Friday at $500. I listed GOOG as one of […]

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Microsoft Needs New Leadership

If there’s one thing obvious about Microsoft’s woes of the past decade, it’s that they all stem from it not creating anything exciting. It’s done all the right things to protect its ossified Windows empire to keep cash flowing from organizations that are themselves too entrenched to consider using anything other than PCs, but it […]

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The Google Internet OS Is Called Chrome

I’ve written extensively about Microsoft being threatened by the development of an internet-based operating system that would make Windows optional. My premise is that almost all applications are migrating online. When Windows is optional and non-Microsoft applications are a free download away, Microsoft will be in big trouble. Many of these articles are collected under […]

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Watching GOOG For Bargain Price

Dan writes: I see you haven’t bought Google yet, despite all your positive articles about it. When do you expect to buy, and will you put on your website when you actually place the order? The Kelly Letter has owned Microsoft and Yahoo for years, and is sitting on modest profits in each. My reason […]

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