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My Google Docs Security Challenge

The most common reason cited for the difficulty of moving from local hard drive computing to online cloud computing is security. Developers think people are too afraid of storing their personal data online where it can be hacked and compromised more easily. I think it’s just a matter of time before people get comfortable with […]

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More About An Internet-Based OS

My recent articles on the Microsoft bid for Yahoo and what it means to Google have prompted numerous replies. Visar takes exception to some of the Java comments made by a reader in Wednesday’s article. Specifically, he points out that it is not possible to write one complex application in Java and have it work […]

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Why Microsoft Must Win Yahoo

The reason Microsoft is willing to do whatever it takes to win Yahoo is that it must. From a Tuesday night Reuters story: Microsoft Corp will authorize a proxy battle for Yahoo Inc this week to convince the Web company’s shareholders to agree on a takeover deal that the Yahoo board so far has rejected… […]

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The Real Threat to Microsoft

I’ve written extensively about the threat Google and Yahoo pose to Microsoft. My premise is not that online advertising is the big concern, but that it’s a revenue model that will provide initial profits to bankroll the development of internet-based alternatives to Microsoft’s core business, namely the Windows and Office franchises. The angle has been […]

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More On An Internet-Based OS

Recent articles on the race to develop an internet-based operating system sparked a debate between Ben, who thinks it’s inevitable, and Eric, who thinks there are major obstacles in the way. This morning, I pass along the latest from Eric. It comes in response to Ben’s points made last Thursday. You can follow the whole […]

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