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Get With The Future

Recent articles about an internet-based operating system have generated heat. Eric mentioned on Tuesday some challenges to the concept, which I addressed. His three points were that security concerns would keep people from trusting an internet-based OS, spotty broadband connectivity would make it hard to use in some places, and nothing in life is free. […]

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Challenges For An Internet-Based Operating System

My article yesterday prompted excellent feedback. I’m lucky to count dozens of technology insiders among my readers. What many pointed out is that an internet-based operating system would face major challenges, three of which were summed up well by a subscriber named Eric: SecurityMoving critical functions online into the hands of a service provider (i.e. […]

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The Future Belongs to Google

I wrote an article for Kelly Letter subscribers last week explaining how both Google and Yahoo are racing to deliver online alternatives to Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Google Docs is already pretty far along toward replacing Office, but the much bigger fish for the future will be a freely downloadable internet based operating system […]

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Google Is Grasping

Google thinks it’s found the next way to squeeze ad dollars from the internet. It’s going to run translucent ad panes at the bottom of videos at YouTube. It hopes to combine its AdSense system, which contains the web’s biggest database of online advertisers, with YouTube, which attracts the web’s biggest video viewing audience. If […]

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Online Ad Pros Discuss Google

My article last Friday, Google vs. Microsoft, was picked up by Seeking Alpha and started a discussion between two members of that site who are online advertising professionals. I’ll respond to their comments here. Jeff Molander of Molander & Associates wrote that he thinks Google is attempting to clean up its AdSense network, most notably […]

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