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The Great Reset Ahead

The following is adapted from this year’s Note 21 of The Kelly Letter, emailed to subscribers on April 7. Let’s recap how the United States got into the financial mess it’s in. In the modern era of Federal Reserve bailouts that began in the dot com bust of 2000, the Fed has expanded its balance […]

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Dublin Threatened With ‘Financial Bomb’ By EU Troika

From the Irish Examiner: The troika warned that a financial “bomb” would go off in Dublin, if Anglo senior bondholders were not repaid, a Government minister has said. He said the troika of EC, ECB and IMF, which is supplying Ireland’s bailout loans, had issued a stark warning to the Government about the consequences of […]

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An EU Crisis Scenario

From yesterday’s Kelly Letter comes the following excerpt from the January Policy Brief from The Peterson Institute for International Economics: Faced with the reality of failing adjustment programs, difficult politics, and rising risks that one or more peripheral nations may rebel, or Germany may rescind its support, investors may simply decide that the cumulative risks […]

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Bracing For Asteroid Athens

From Sunday’s Kelly Letter: Credit default swap spreads on the debt of large US and European banks climbed on concern that Greece is ready to default. A CDS is insurance against a loan default because it requires the seller of the CDS to pay the buyer of the CDS in the event that the loan […]

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Debt D-Day, Economy, and iPad 2

Good morning! ______________________________ OVERVIEW Is June 30 America’s Debt D-Day? | Pimco’s Bill Gross thinks so because it’s when the Fed stops buying Treasuries and we see if anybody else steps forward. The Economy Keeps Improving | The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book reported that economic activity continued expanding in early 2011. Apple Extends Its Lead […]

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