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The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

In his book, Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, James Barrat argues that we may be only a decade away from AI that surpasses human intelligence. On the heels of last Sunday’s Kelly Letter reporting that IBM is developing its Watson supercomputer into a cloud-based decision making service for […]

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Why The JFK Assassination Still Matters

Today is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The media coverage leading up to it has largely missed the significance of the tragedy. It has instead separated into two main categories: adoring the Camelot image of the Kennedy family and the celebrity side of JFK himself, or offering the official […]

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Big Banks As Bad As Ever

The following is adapted from this year’s Note 30 of The Kelly Letter, emailed to subscribers on May 26. I receive notes occasionally from subscribers interested in the situation with banks. Some wonder why we don’t own any stock in them. The situation isn’t good, I’m afraid. The Federal Reserve reported that the level of […]

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The Great Reset Ahead

The following is adapted from this year’s Note 21 of The Kelly Letter, emailed to subscribers on April 7. Let’s recap how the United States got into the financial mess it’s in. In the modern era of Federal Reserve bailouts that began in the dot com bust of 2000, the Fed has expanded its balance […]

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YouTube and Business

In this year’s Note 18 of The Kelly Letter, sent March 24, I wrote the following in the news overview: Our former top Tier 3 holding, Google (GOOG $810) reported Thursday that its YouTube site reached one billion active monthly users, a feat accomplished just six months ago by Facebook (FB $26). The milestone took […]

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