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Investing and Climate Change

Climate change has been in the news enough that scientists worry “green fatigue” may set in “if every change in temperature and every storm is attributed to global warming.” Energy investors, however, must constantly weigh whether an investment in fossil fuel stocks is appropriate given the now undeniable change in climate happening as a result […]

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Is Voter Turnout the GOP’s Main Problem?

The political chattering class has been dissecting Mitt Romney’s defeat. Democrats and their supporters say the Republican party is full of stale ideas and frustrated white men, unsuitable for the new American demographic, on its way out. Its views on social issues such as abortion and gay rights are out of step, its views on […]

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Wisconsin’s Bigger Picture

The battle in Wisconsin pitting Republican lawmakers and Governor Scott Walker against Democrats over the future of organized labor is about — well, that depends on who you ask. Republicans say it’s about fiscal reality and the need to tighten belts in this lengthy recession. Democrats say it’s about political giveaways today and campaign financing […]

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How Can We Fix the Deficit?

The House passed yesterday a stop-gap spending bill to keep the government operating through Mar 18. It would keep most agencies operating at their current funding levels but also enact about $4B in cuts as a down payment of sorts for the GOP package of $60B in spending cuts, which was approved by the House […]

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What’s The Future of Books?

Tower Records, which sold books at some of its retail locations, declared bankruptcy in 2006 and disappeared from the US retail landscape. Borders (BGP) declared bankruptcy earlier this month and began liquidating $350M of inventory Saturday at discounts of up to 40 percent as it embarks on closing a third of its stores. Barnes & […]

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