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Debt D-Day, Economy, and iPad 2

Good morning! ______________________________ OVERVIEW Is June 30 America’s Debt D-Day? | Pimco’s Bill Gross thinks so because it’s when the Fed stops buying Treasuries and we see if anybody else steps forward. The Economy Keeps Improving | The Federal Reserve’s Beige Book reported that economic activity continued expanding in early 2011. Apple Extends Its Lead […]

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Deficit, Housing, and Crash 2011

Good morning! ______________________________ OVERVIEW $1.4T Deficit is No. 1 Economic Threat | Economists think it’s worse than high unemployment and the risk of inflation or deflation. Housing Prices Falling | The Case-Shiller Index of home prices is down 3.7 percent in six months, and probably has farther to fall. Market Crash 2011 | Bears say […]

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Good Job, Washington

From an 11-chart overview of inequality in America at Mother Jones.

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Inflation, Injustice, and the American Economy

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Inflation | It’s showing up everywhere but has been bullish for stocks. Injustice | None of the crooks behind the financial crisis are in jail — maybe because they changed the laws before misbehaving. US Economy | Japan thinks America is recovering less strongly than […]

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Tick Tock Toward Midnight

From this morning’s Wall Street Journal: President Barack Obama’s 2012 budget proposal projects this year’s deficit will reach $1.6 trillion, the largest on record, as December’s tax-cut deal begins to reduce federal revenues, a senior Democrat said Sunday. The new forecast is larger than the $1.48 trillion deficit projected last month by the Congressional Budget […]

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