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How to Improve Stock Market Backtesting

In this video, I’ll show you one way to improve your stock market backtesting results. This method is the one used by my research partner Roger Crandell and me when refining The 9% Signal. One common problem with backtesting is curve fitting, which is finding a system in retrospect that would have maximized returns in […]

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The Top 40 Dividend-Growth Stocks

My friend, Dave Van Knapp of, publishes an annual overview of the dividend-paying stock scene for $39. This year’s edition just came out and Dave was kind enough to send me a copy of Top 40 Dividend-Growth Stocks For 2011. Here’s the table of contents: In the introduction, Dave says the book’s strategic goal […]

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Precious Metals Stock

With the Federal Reserve waging war against the dollar and inflation beckoning, investors are interested in precious metals. Oil is pushing $100 per barrel again and food price inflation is already a global concern. The Washington Post wrote last week, “The state of emergency in Tunisia has economists worried that we may be seeing the […]

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Dragon Metals Report

I received a complimentary copy of a special report, Dragon Metals: China’s Resource Monopoly and the World’s Growing Resource Addiction, co-authored by Kevin Kerr and Jason Burack. Dragon metals are what the duo call rare earth elements, or REEs, which have been so much in the news since China stopped shipping them to Europe, Japan, […]

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