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Dragon MetalsI received a complimentary copy of a special report, Dragon Metals: China’s Resource Monopoly and the World’s Growing Resource Addiction, co-authored by Kevin Kerr and Jason Burack.

Dragon metals are what the duo call rare earth elements, or REEs, which have been so much in the news since China stopped shipping them to Europe, Japan, and the United States last month after the fishing boat incident with Japan. From the report: “Most of us learned in high school chemistry class that there were no economically feasible uses whatsoever for these 17 elements. Times have changed and these elements are in very high demand worldwide! You find REEs in things we use every day, like flat screen TVs, hybrid cars, and other electronics, not to mention less visible but far more vital things like defense items, high-powered magnets, lasers, nuclear batteries, and much more.”

China now controls “up to an astounding 95 percent of the world’s supplies of REEs,” which is “making almost every country and large corporation extremely nervous.” That makes REES “like the new crude oil” and suggests to Kerr and Burack that the prices of “these metals are almost certainly going much, much higher.”

The report examines the history of REEs, their scarcity, ways they’re being used today, key differences between light and heavy REEs, “China’s recent resource grab,” the three most important REEs, and the companies Kerr and Burack consider to be the best bets for profiting from rising demand for the scarce metals.

The report concludes: “The rare earth elements sector is red hot and there are many opportunities for the astute investor. We hope this report will help serve as a primer for you as you explore investment opportunities in the sector.”

Kerr Trading International is selling the report for $195.

I’m not paid a commission if you buy it, nor do I necessarily endorse the stocks that are presented in it. I’m simply passing along this resource for those interested in the sector. Judging by my inbox recently, that’s a good percentage of readers.

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  1. Jason Burack
    Posted November 6, 2010 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    We’ll offer a discount on the report to your fans. Talk more about it later.

    • Posted November 7, 2010 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

      Thanks, Jason. I’ll pass it along to readers once I know the details.

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