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The Oil Trade is No Longer a Slam Dunk

In last year’s Note 17 of The Kelly Letter, sent to subscribers on April 26, 2020, I wrote an article, “Cheap Oil Will Become Expensive,” from which: “The solution to cheap prices is cheap prices. … “In the case of oil, last week’s negative price and this era’s persistently low prices will create a production wasteland […]

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How to Improve Stock Market Backtesting

In this video, I’ll show you one way to improve your stock market backtesting results. This method is the one used by my research partner Roger Crandell and me when refining The 9% Signal. One common problem with backtesting is curve fitting, which is finding a system in retrospect that would have maximized returns in […]

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Position Building in The Oil Patch

I’ve been having excellent conversations with subscribers about buying into the oil patch during the BP Gulf crisis. We’re seeing capital intensive companies with excellent growth prospects trading below book value. The scare that’s created it is the mystery surrounding the size of the liability such firms face. What I think many are missing is […]

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