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The Monster

A month ago, Michael Hudson sent me an excerpt from his new book, The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America — and Spawned a Global Crisis. I enjoyed it so much that I requested a review copy. I read it quickly, then mulled over it between engagements to […]

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Most People Aren’t Rich

Ads show us opulent lives. The entertainment industry makes it seem like everybody lives in a mansion and spends their time deciding whether to get the new Maybach model or settle for the new Benz. All shopping happens on Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue. All restaurants involve reservations. All happiness comes from consumption. Then, everybody’s […]

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Sovereign Debt Risk Not News to Kelly Letter Subscribers

We’ve been watching this storm brew for many months, as I’ll share below. I’m currently preparing a look at where the market is now, what opportunities lie in the sell-off, and other such pertinent considerations as the global financial absurdity continues. If you’d like to join us to receive my next note on Sunday morning, […]

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Special Report This Weekend

As the Eurozone crisis via the Greek tragedy unfolds, most of the risks that I’ve examined in The Kelly Letter over the past half-year or so have come to the fore. We’ve been concerned about sovereign debt implosion that would start somewhere relatively insignificant on the world stage, but quickly blossom into a major-economy-threatening failure. […]

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Sovereign Crisis

We’ve been watching the sovereign debt risk for many months, so the Greek tragedy is not entirely shocking. What anybody who’s doubted has to admit, though, is that the time to have prepared for trouble was a lot more recent than last year or even the beginning of this year. The correction didn’t happen nearly […]

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