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What to Buy in the Banking Bust

Harry asked on my question line (303-747-4428) if the recent banking crisis presented investment opportunities in bank stocks or ETFs. Yes. The best approach to an industry-specific incident like this is to own a sector ETF. Doing so gets around bankruptcy risk, while still taking advantage of temporarily depressed prices. You don’t want to own […]

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The Monster

A month ago, Michael Hudson sent me an excerpt from his new book, The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America — and Spawned a Global Crisis. I enjoyed it so much that I requested a review copy. I read it quickly, then mulled over it between engagements to […]

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What Will You Do Differently In The Next Financial Crisis?

There’s not much new to write about finance. As a financial writer, I can assure you that the basics haven’t changed in your lifetime. Even the advent of new financial products has just changed the way you access your finances, but not their nature. The same way a new pen might change the feel of […]

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