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What to Buy in the Banking Bust

Harry asked on my question line (303-747-4428) if the recent banking crisis presented investment opportunities in bank stocks or ETFs. Yes. The best approach to an industry-specific incident like this is to own a sector ETF. Doing so gets around bankruptcy risk, while still taking advantage of temporarily depressed prices. You don’t want to own […]

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How to Manage Your Index Funds

In this video, I’ll show you a good system for managing your index funds for high profit and low stress. Notes: Index funds are catching on for their low cost and better performance than active management. Passive funds now more than one-third of market, projected to reach half in five years or so. Fine, but […]

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How to Use Leveraged ETFs

In this video, I’ll show you the right way to use leveraged ETFs. Their high volatility requires a set of defined reactions. Leveraged funds were first offered to investors in the early 1990s. The first leveraged ETFs appeared in 2006. The idea behind leveraged funds is to increase an investor’s performance by magnifying the movement […]

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Why My Signal System Uses Bonds

In this video, I’ll show you why my Signal system uses bonds for safety. Each permutation of my Sig system uses just one stock fund for growth and one bond fund for safety. For background on how the Sig system works, please see my video, How My Signal System Works. In recent years, and again […]

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The Effectiveness Of My Signal System

SUMMARY: In this video, you’ll see the effectiveness of my Signal system. Starting with $10,000 in 2001 and making employee contributions to a 401(k) account, The 3% Signal system (3Sig) returned far more than dollar-cost averaging into the S&P 500 (SPY), and dollar-cost averaging into a portfolio of Morningstar medalist actively-managed funds, as follows by […]

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