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Jason Kelly on Wall St. for Main St.

In a 43-minute, commercial-free interview with Mo Dawoud of Wall St. for Main St., I discussed my background, Japan’s economy, Japan after the Fukushima disaster, and The 3% Signal. You’ll find a detailed time/topic index below the YouTube panel. 01:12 My Background: How an English Major Became an Investor 03:35 Leaving IBM to Become a […]

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3Sig Stories: Kara Smith in HR

Kara Smith has worked in human resources for seventeen years. She’s currently HR director for a government contractor in Alexandria, Va., operating in what she says “isn’t the most stable of industries.” Whatever financial stability she’s to have in life she needs to provide for herself. This could be why she’s obsessed with the performance […]

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Live Twitter Q&A Recap

Thank you to everybody who participated in last night’s live Twitter Q&A about The 3% Signal @TheKellyLetter. The following is a recap of the interaction and some further details where I think they’ll help. @cb12131 asked: “Starting #3Sig in a non-retirement accnt. Is it a bad idea to ignore sell signals for the 1st yr […]

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3Sig Stories: The Axmear Family Farm

Everybody who’s ever driven past a farmer working in a field knows that farming is hard work. What you might not know is that farm finances are tricky, too. Cash flow varies from one year to the next with crop conditions and commodity price fluctuations. After a good harvest, a farmer might be tempted to […]

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3Sig ‘Just Might’ Continue Outperforming

Thank you to Brenda Jubin of “Reading The Markets” for her pre-publication review of my new book, The 3% Signal. It ran on Investing, ValueWalk, and other sites. She concluded: “We often hear, and have come to believe, that models beat experts. Kelly offers the individual investor a simple, mechanical model that instills discipline, removes […]

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