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The Effectiveness Of My Signal System

SUMMARY: In this video, you’ll see the effectiveness of my Signal system. Starting with $10,000 in 2001 and making employee contributions to a 401(k) account, The 3% Signal system (3Sig) returned far more than dollar-cost averaging into the S&P 500 (SPY), and dollar-cost averaging into a portfolio of Morningstar medalist actively-managed funds, as follows by […]

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How My Signal System Works

SUMMARY: In this video, you’ll learn how my signal system works to change the way you see the stock market. Instead of listening to pundits commit the narrative fallacy of weaving news into a story explaining why the market went where it went or, worse, why they think it will go a certain way in […]

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Should You Avoid Bonds?

SUMMARY: Bill Gross warned investors to watch for the 10-year Treasury yield to exceed 2.6% as a signal that a bear market in bonds had begun. Here we go with another bond market scare, just like the wrong one of 2013 known as the taper tantrum. Market history shows that a rising rate environment causes […]

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Ignore the Stock Market Permabears Yet Again

SUMMARY: Stock market permabears forever warn about a crash, and for good reason. It makes for reliable marketing because the stock market declines multiple times per year, on average. Soon after making their predictions, the permabears can often say they told us so. What they leave out is that their advice costs investors who follow […]

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