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The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy

America is not well. What’s worse, the problems facing the nation appear to come more from within than without, and the minority of citizens paying attention find it frustrating that the political system appears incapable of change. I recently read The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy by Jim Marrs, and found it in agreement with many of the […]

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The People vs. Overpopulation

On April 22, I wrote an article called The Core Problem Is Overpopulation, which drew an angry response. Some readers felt I was elitist to point out that all global population growth in the next 40 years will come from developing countries and to write “Expect more fences” at the end. I responded to those […]

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Is It Elitist To Mention Overpopulation?

Yesterday’s article on overpopulation as the root cause behind the rising price of everything, global warming, the disappearance of wildlife, and rising casualty counts from natural disasters led a few readers to express their desire that the world have one less human on it by removing me. One reader called me “elitist” and another wrote, […]

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The Core Problem Is Overpopulation

Now that oil is at $117, gas is at $3.50, and rice is up from $100 per ton in 2003 to $1000 per ton now, people are paying attention. However, few have caught on to what’s really the core problem. Some say biofuels have taken food out of the mouths of the poor. Some say […]

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