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Reasons to Feel Better

How about some good news? Last night, China reported no new local infections for the first time since the outbreak began three months ago. The Federal Reserve invoked its emergency backstop for prime money market mutual funds, a step that helped in the 2008 crash. Congress and the White House are closing in on a […]

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Roger on Avoiding the Biggest Risk

Roger Crandell is my longtime research partner and friend.  Our picture shown above was taken last September at the Musiktheater in Füssen, Germany. The castle in the distance over my right shoulder is Neuschwanstein. If you have been reading The Kelly Letter for a number of years, you will recall Roger’s name from my background […]

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Corona Crash Conference Call

Thank you to everybody who joined last night’s subscriber conference call. I enjoyed gathering live for a change, sticking together through this crash. I apologize if you could not get into the room. It filled up quickly. I will announce the next one farther in advance. In this note, I will recap the call with […]

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