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ETF Closures and Splits

With recent volatility, many readers have wondered about two issues they’ve read about regarding leveraged funds: can they “blow up” entirely, and what would a reverse split do to account values? I’ll cover them in order. Let’s define “blow up” as liquidate and stop trading. Many investors assume that because leveraged ETFs (LETFs) move at […]

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Roger on Avoiding the Biggest Risk

Roger Crandell is my longtime research partner and friend.  Our picture shown above was taken last September at the Musiktheater in Füssen, Germany. The castle in the distance over my right shoulder is Neuschwanstein. If you have been reading The Kelly Letter for a number of years, you will recall Roger’s name from my background […]

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Managing TQQQ Volatility to Higher Performance

The following is from this year’s Note 16 of The Kelly Letter, which went out to subscribers last Sunday morning. On Wednesday, April 17 the Nasdaq 100 (NDX) reached an intraday high of 7715, above its previous all-time high of 7701 on October 1. The event enabled my research partner Roger to log an important […]

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