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Hands-On Stock Evaluations

There’s a school of thought in the investment business that we should buy what we like. That is, I should consider buying shares in the restaurants that I like, the makers of clothing that I wear, the makers of cars that I drive, and so on. Is this a valid approach? Ben wrote: I’ve had […]

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The Cold Facts

In my article last Wednesday, Why I’m Not Worried About Sub-Prime, I wrote: Next, ask yourself how much of the U.S. economy housing represents. By the tenor of the news these days, you’d think half of the U.S. gross domestic product comes from the housing market. It doesn’t. Housing accounts for a mere 5% of […]

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Is Holding Or Trading Better?

I’m a long-term investor at heart, but occasionally take advantage of medium-term swing trading opportunities. I never daytrade. You may wonder why so many investment services sell short-term tools. The reason is that there’s no money in selling long-term investing tools. People will not subscribe to a product that tells them the same thing no […]

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Getting Started In Stocks

It’s common for newcomers to the market to think that they better get going right away or they’re going to miss the current opportunity. That’s almost never the case. Remember that the market has been doing more or less the same thing for over 200 years: fluctuating. A good way to get discouraged right out […]

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