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Fly Fishing Trip Report

Many readers expressed interest in my fly fishing trip with my friend and research partner, Roger Crandell, and asked for details. Here, then, is my first-ever fly fishing trip report. We began in Lake City, Colorado, the only incorporated municipality in Hinsdale County. It’s the least densely populated county in Colorado, with just 843 residents […]

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Update on the Way

Lots happening, so haven’t been able to update. Am working on a report that I’ll post and send late tonight this morning America time. Thank you for the notes of concern. I’m still fine, still working, and still hopeful that the nuclear crisis can be tamed.

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Radiation Update

UPDATED AT 1:30 AM JAPAN TIME, FRIDAY As of 11 pm Thursday (10 am EDT), radiation in Tochigi City near my office was down even farther since Wednesday’s report to only 0.183 microsieverts per hour (μSv/hr). Recent history of this measurement: 0.224 μSv/hr Mar 16 at 12 pm 0.216 μSv/hr Mar 16 at 4 pm […]

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Japan Situation Update

America’s quick, powerful response to Japan’s crises has touched many hearts here, and the choice of name is charming: Operation Tomodachi, which means Operation Friend. Excellent touch, just the kind of goodwill everybody here needed. A neighbor woman not known for public displays of emotion hugged me with tears in her eyes, and said she […]

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Radiation Level Falling!

We’ll take it! From the BBC: Radiation levels have fallen at Japan’s earthquake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the government says. The announcement was made after a fire was extinguished at the plant. The government had earlier warned that radiation leaks from the plant had reached harmful levels. Weather reports indicate winds are dispersing radiation from […]

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