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Nuclear Talk With Ken Bergeron

Thanks to the resourcefulness of my readers, I received the personal phone number of Ken Bergeron within moments of requesting it. Ken is is a physicist and former Sandia scientist who worked on nuclear reactor accident simulation, and the author of Tritium on Ice: The Dangerous New Alliance of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power, published […]

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Seeking Nuclear Experts

We’re getting conflicting information here in the Tokyo area. Some scientists are saying there’s little risk of widespread radiation from the reactor meltdown emergency; others say to get out while we can because this could get to the worst case in a hurry, being that we’re in uncharted territory. Internet access is spotty amid rolling […]

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Cleaned Out

The power interruptions and damage to infrastructure are leaving stores in Japan’s earthquake area sold out. Gas stations are rationing, but closing one by one as they go dry. Between a third and half of the shops in my town, Sano, are closed for various reasons, not least of which is to let society catch […]

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Japan Nuclear Risk Low

The nuclear meltdown situation is hard to understand, with government saying it’s under control but having also said that prior to the big explosion. The most dire warnings describe the worst-case scenario as being a hydrogen-bomb-like explosion that spreads radioactivity over a large area. Scientists dismiss that out of hand, however. The most encouraging piece […]

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In the Quake Zone

The ground here in Sano, Japan is still shaking as I write at noon on Saturday, March 12, 2011, the day after the largest earthquake in the nation’s history. It struck 21.5 hours ago. I was working at my desk as usual when my shoji — sliding doors of translucent veneer in the case of […]

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