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I joined John McCaslin on America’s Morning News at 6:32 a.m. eastern today to discuss the strategies in the 2010 edition of my stock book, and the current market.

John was interested in my value averaging strategy that’s worked well over the past year, as a way for lay people with limited time for stock research to take advantage of volatility. I didn’t get to explain it quite as thoroughly as I would have liked, but those interested can read more about it in the book’s Dec. 29 announcement.

John mentioned that he’d been burned by dot-com stocks ten years ago and was still bitter toward them, and assumed I’d have nothing good to say about the sector. I didn’t, but I distinguished between the dead dot-coms of yesteryear and the likes of Apple and Google today. We talked more about Apple, and I reiterated what I’ve shared here and with subscribers about the company, mainly that the growing popularity of the internet has diminished Apple’s compatibility challenges and allowed more people to choose its fantastic line of products. That trend should continue.

It wasn’t really a stock tip, per se, but John called it that and I don’t mind going on record as a fan of both Apple the company and AAPL the stock.

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