Back Next Week

I’m traveling from Colorado back to Japan the rest of this week, first with a drive through America’s breathtaking scenery on wide non-toll highways, then on the flight that knows me so well. Two meals, some reading, and a nap. That’s the formula from L.A. to Tokyo.

While I’m away, how about catching up on some good offline reading? Let’s see if anything interesting comes to mind. Hmm. Oh, I know!

How about the 2010 edition of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing? I tend to agree with the author on several key points, so feel good recommending it. Below is a picture of the book on display last weekend at the Borders at 104th and I-25 in the Northglenn Marketplace. It’s the Borders closest to downtown Denver. The staff did a great job:

With that, I’m off. Happy trails to me, and happy reading to you! See you back here next week.
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