3Sig Stories

How an HR director reduces investing stress with The 3% Signal

Human resources director Kara Smith can finally stop obsessively checking market apps on her phone, “selling as soon as there’s a profit,” and being worn out by tips and ideas from all directions. Why? Because she switched to 3Sig. Read her story

Human Resources director Kara Smith uses The 3% Signal to reduce investing stress. Kara Smith at the Lake of Dreams, Wynn Las Vegas.

How an Iowa farm family found The 3% Signal

With their portfolio safely on autopilot toward higher returns at a much lower cost, Iowa farmers Joe’d and Will Axmear are free to concentrate on what they do best: run the family farm. Read their story

Seed corn harvested by the Axmears, an Iowa farming family. Iowa farmers Joe'd and Will Axmear use The 3% Signal to manage their family's financial portfolio.

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