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Book Information

Title: The 3% Signal
Author: Jason Kelly
Publisher: Plume
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0142180955
ISBN-13: 978-0142180952
Date of Publication: February 24, 2015
Retail Price: $16 US (Trade Paper)
Pages: 336

Back Cover Copy

Take the stress out of investing with this revolutionary new strategy from the author of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing, now in its fifth edition

In today’s troubling economic times, the quality of our retirement depends upon our own portfolio management. But for most of us, investing can be stressful and confusing, especially when supposedly expert predictions fail. Enter The 3% Signal. Simple and effective, Kelly’s plan can be applied to any type of account, including 401(k)s — and requires only fifteen minutes of strategizing per quarter. No stress. No noise. No confusion.

By targeting three percent growth and adjusting holdings to meet that goal, even novice investors can level the financial playing field and ensure a secure retirement free from the stress of noisy advice that doesn’t work. The plan’s simple technique cuts through the folly of human emotion by reacting intelligently to price changes and automatically buying low and selling high. Relayed in the same easy-to-understand language that has made The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing such a staple in the investing community, The 3% Signal is sure to become your most trusted guide to investing success.

First Sentence

One day long ago, I found my mother sitting befuddled behind a stack of stock market ideas.

Short Synopses

A simple quarterly system that beats the stock market.

The antidote to low 401(k) performance and high stock market stress.

Two New Terms from the Book

3Sig: Shorthand for “The 3% Signal,” both the book’s title and the technique it describes.

Z-val: Shorthand introduced in The 3% Signal for “zero-validity forecasters” and “zero-validity environment.” The latter phrase was coined by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman in his book Thinking, Fast and Slow, where he wrote that “stock pickers and political scientists who make long-term forecasts operate in a zero-validity environment. Their failures reflect the basic unpredictability of the events that they try to forecast.” This is why stock market forecasters are proven to sport an accuracy rate of about 50 percent, same as a coin toss … yet they continue forecasting.

Three Quotes from the Book

“You’ll discover how to check in quarterly to see whether the stock fund’s growth is below target, on target, or above target, then move money in the appropriate direction between the stock fund and the bond fund. This action, using the unperturbed clarity of prices alone, automates the investment masterstroke of buying low and selling high — with no z-val interference of any kind.”

“What the experts don’t want you to know — but what you’ll never forget after reading this book — is that prices are all that matter. Ideas count for nothing; opinions are distractions. The only thing that matters is the price of an investment and whether it’s below a level indicating a good time to buy or above a level indicating a good time to sell. We can know that level and monitor prices on our own, no experts required, and react appropriately to what prices and the level tell us. Even better, we can automate the reaction because it’s purely mathematical.”

“The stock market is humanity’s monkey mind writ large. For many, there is no greater cacophony, no greater distraction from life than the news cycle connected to financial markets. The more enlightened way to navigate the market is by letting it all go, reducing the chaos to a concise list of prices, visiting that list just four times a year, letting an unemotional formula tell you what the prices mean you should do, and then doing it. This higher state of investing not only performs better, it costs less and uses less of your limited time on Earth.”

Why I’m a Good Guest

If you’re a producer or host, I’ll bet you’ve experienced these:

Guests who don’t show up or call at the designated time
Guests who don’t know their subject
Guests who give five-word answers that leave you hanging
Guests who are boring

For your show, you want a guest who knows his subject and can talk about it in a way that’s interesting to your audience. That’s me. I’m good at explaining concepts to beginners, but in a way that makes more experienced listeners nod with joy at hearing somebody put the subject in understandable terms.

I speak in a conversational, humorous tone with a bright personality. Audiences say they enjoy listening to me. Isn’t that the kind of guest you want?

Most producers and hosts who’ve worked with me are eager to do so again. I’m prompt, professional, and good at keeping the conversation flowing. No curt, where-to-from-here kinds of answers from me.

I’d love to join your show, either in-person or by phone. Let’s book something!


  1. Thomas
    Posted November 2, 2014 at 12:56 am | Permalink

    We are now empty-nesters who have done our best to comply with the three c’s while raising our children. No credit card debt, driving used cars and our home has a manageable payment well below the 80% loan to value ratio. Our problem is with student loan debt. We paid as much as we could with cash while the kids were in college, but still managed to rack up about $48k in loans. We cannot find a rate lower than 7.5% anywhere and it is frustrating to discover what a racket this business of education has become. We were naive enough to think we were just doing the right thing for our kids and now we’re sorry…any suggestions? On top of that we are now facing the responsibilities of an upcoming wedding. Yikes!!!

  2. Scott
    Posted November 23, 2014 at 6:07 am | Permalink

    I own the 3rd Ed (2010) of TNLGSMI. I understand that there’s newer information in subsequent editions. As such, my question is, would I miss out on critical updates were I to purchase only The 3% Signal coming out next year, or would it be prudent to purchase the latest edition (I realize purchasing both is better for your sales) in addition to the new title?


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