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Consume, consume, consume!

You know what all the analysts are predicting. You know how down in the dumps the stock market has been. You know how every year for the first three weeks of November economists say that the American consumer is dead. Let’s prove them all wrong, yet again. Today is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day […]

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Are Consumers Finished. . .This Time?

BusinessWeek’s current cover story, The Consumer Crunch by Michael Mandel, struck a chord with many readers. Mr. Mandel contends that consumer spending is finally going to come down this time, to the tune of $200 to $300 billion, because the sub-prime crisis is ending the “borrow-and-buy boom” that people created with credit. In essence, now […]

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Beware The Annual Christmas Warning

Business Week reports: There are plenty of reasons to be nervous heading into this holiday shopping season if you’re a retailer. Consumer confidence fell in October for the third month in a row. Income growth is sluggish. Energy prices are soaring. No surprise, then, that the winter gift-buying season, when retailers traditionally book most of […]

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Don’t Give Up On Consumers

Every year at about this time, we hear that the American consumer is tapped out. This year the refrain came with gusto because of the sub-prime crisis. The ability to withdraw cash via home equity lines of credit is now gone, goes the argument, so Christmas shoppers will fail to show. Funny thing is, we […]

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