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Power Investor Complaints And Responses

Over the past several years, I received volumes of complaints about Power Investor software published by Investors Alliance, which I recommended in past editions of my stock book. The complaints were consistent enough and frequent enough for me to pull my recommendation of the software from the 2008 edition of my book. I wrote articles […]

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Power Investor’s Publisher Responds

I wrote an article on July 23 withdrawing my recommendation of Power Investor software. It appeared in the previous two editions of my stock book, but will not appear in the newest one out later this year. In the article, I wrote: “Starting a few years ago, I began receiving complaints from readers who followed […]

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Power Investor

In the first two editions of my stock book, I recommended Power Investor software. I also linked to it from various places on this site. The $99 price for such comprehensive research software was a bargain, in my view, and supported much of my stock research for years. Not anymore. Starting a few years ago, […]

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