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5/26/09: Stocks going down, gold going up, another oil shock on the way, North Korea’s nuclear test, and bankrupting Social Security

Bill Fleckenstein thinks stocks will head lower over time, “as the complications from inflation and higher interest rates eventually compress price-to-earnings multiples and expectations are lowered about what sort of earnings power companies actually have.” He’s also certain that “the dollar will head lower and precious metals will trade higher.” He’ll get no argument from […]

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5/18/09: Secular bull, earnings drop, recession’s end, real unemployment, credit card defaults, and the end of America

Do you think last week’s dip was just a gathering of market strength for another push higher? Do you believe the next secular bull market is upon us? Paul Lim at The New York Times reminds you to define your terms carefully, “because a new secular bull would require not only rising stock prices, but […]

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5/12/09: Rally pulse, sell in May, an economy not for the people, the Afghanistan quagmire, and bankrupting CA and D.C.

So much for that rising stock market. Andy Kessler at Opinion Journal thinks it was a sucker’s rally “because there aren’t sustainable, fundamental reasons for the market’s continued rise.” He offers three reasons for the brief bull: the Federal Reserve and Treasury succeeded in taking armageddon off the table now that “No more failures” is […]

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5/11/09: Monday Morning Perspectives

I’m hearing lots of talk about the S&P; 500 ending this rally at about 950, so let’s call it 940-960. That range brings together a few points: it’s where recently popular DeMark signals say the rally should turn down, it’s the home of the 200-day moving average, and it’s the one-year downtrend line. That’s a […]

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