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Immigration And America’s Future

Yesterday’s article on why I think America is not in decline prompted thoughtful replies from readers. John wrote: I found your article particularly interesting as I am British, and agree somewhat with your opinion, but remain skeptical about America’s future. One topic you and many others constantly overlook is America’s appalling immigration blunder. This is […]

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America Is Not In Decline

Marcel wrote: Shame on you for directing your readers toward mostly American stocks. You should be gravely concerned about America’s inevitable decline, and attentive to what it means to a portfolio of American stocks. Like Rome before it, the American empire is headed for extinction. The Iraq War will bankrupt the United States and usher […]

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Geopolitical Risks

Henry wrote: I’ve read that the market is at the mercy of geopolitical risks. Do you think so? Also, what do you consider to be the biggest geopolitical risks facing us today? The market is no more at the mercy of geopolitical risks today than it has been in the past. People suffer from a […]

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Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man

I suggested in my recent series on the Iraq war (Geopolitics label) that readers pick up a copy of The Ugly American for its insights into why American foreign policy creates anger in so many countries. Lyn wrote, “A more recent (and excellent) rendering of the Ugly American theme is a book by John Perkins […]

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Thoughts On The Iraq War: Part 4

I have a backlog of excellent comments from readers on the Iraq war. I will be posting them from time to time, as I think analysis of geopolitical events is important to successful investing. Beyond that, the topic warrants attention on its own, apart from any value it may bring to the investment table. Life […]

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