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The Currency Crisis

Good morning! Let’s take a look at the currency crisis. Simon Johnson at Project Syndicate says the brewing currency wars are not just China’s fault, though it “certainly bears some responsibility.” He mostly blames “Europe’s refusal to reform global economic governance, compounded by years of political mismanagement and self-deception in the United States. … the […]

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Fed Should Go, Google Sees Deflation, Why Blockbuster Failed, and Stocks Looking Tired

Good morning! Here’s what you need to know: ______________________________ OVERVIEW Do We Need The Federal Reserve? | We once did fine without it and we seem to be hankering to end it. New Google Price Index Shows Deflation | Since official stats are slow, the much faster Google stat is the one to watch. How […]

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Deflation In America

A popular section of The Kelly Letter is called Situations. It’s a weekly collection of tidbits on a variety of subjects presented at varying length, but never more than one page for one situation. Sometimes, they’re only a paragraph or two. The following update on the recent concern that deflation is coming to America ran […]

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